Kathe's did it again!

by Iris
(New York)

Saved my beautiful earrings

Saved my beautiful earrings

Once again, Jonas and his team did a great job. I was very impressed with their work in a lapis lazuli ring that I needed resized. My husband had asked a few of his local jewellers to resize the signet ring for me, however they both had told him that lapis rings could not be resized as the stone is extremely delicate and would be ruined by heat.

Jonas handled it within a few days, and I've never seen the signet ring so clean as well. He also cleaned and resized a diamond tennis bracelet for me. I had been told that the diamonds in the bracelet were inherently not very bright (due to visible inclusions) however Jonas managed to brighten that piece as well. Done within a few hours.

Jonas is as always, very kind, fast, and dependable with everything I throw at him.

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